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ТехникаMATLAB Guide 2ed

MATLAB Guide 2ed
Название: MATLAB Guide 2ed
Автор: D. J. Higham , N. J. Higham
Издательтсво: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Год: 2005
Страниц: 382
Размер: 22 Mb
Формат: djvu
Язык: английский

The second edition of the Higham brothers' MATLAB Guide is both timely and consistent with their record for careful work. New features from MATLAB versions 13 and 14, such as name completion, anonymous and nested functions, and logical variables are described in the new edition. Appendices have been changed and reorganized to update resource and "help" directory structures …There are many new MATLAB functions, such as a fully implicit ODE integrator (ode15i) and a facility for delay differential equations (dde23). Examples have been added to the guide to illustrate these new functions. The authors have done much more than was required for a second edition, but wisely preserved the sometimes delightful examples in the first. Admittedly, their stated objective of providing a ‘compact’ reference for MATLAB has been pushed a bit by adding 100 new pages.

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