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ТехникаThe Discrete Fourier Transform Theory, Algorithms and Application

The Discrete Fourier Transform Theory, Algorithms and Application
Название: The Discrete Fourier Transform Theory, Algorithms and Application
Автор: Sundararajan D.
Издательство: World Scintific
Год: 2001
Страниц: 392
Формат: pdf
Размер: 10.95Mb
Язык: английский

This book provides comprehensive coverage of practical Fourier analysis. It develops the concepts right from the basics and gradually guides the reader to the advanced topics. It presents the latest and practically efficient DFT algorithms, as well as the computation of discrete cosine and Walsh-Hadamard transforms. The large numbers of visual aids such as figures, flow graphs and flow charts makes the mathematical topic easy to understand. In addition, the numerous examples and the set of C-language programs (a supplement to the book) help greatly in understanding the theory and algorithms. Discrete Fourier analysis is covered first, followed by the continuous case, as the discrete case is easier to grasp and is very important in practice. This book should be useful as a text for regular or professional courses on Fourier analysis, and also as a supplementary text for courses on discrete signal processing, image processing, communications engineering and vibration analysis.

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