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ТехникаIntroduction to linear optimization

Introduction to linear optimization
Название: Introduction to linear optimization
Автор: Bertsimas D.
Издательство: Athena Scientific
Год: 1997
Страниц: 608
Формат: pdf
Размер: 11.31 Mb
Язык: English

This book provides a unified, insightful, and modern treatment of linear optimization, that is, linear programming, network flow problems, and discrete optimization. It includes classical topics as well as the state of the art, in both theory and practice.
"The true merit of this book, however, lies in its pedagogical qualities which are so impressive..." "Throughout the book, the authors make serious efforts to give geometric and intuitive explanations of various algebraic concepts, and they are widely successful in this effort." "In conclusion, this is an outstanding textbook that presents linear optimization in a truly modern and up-to-date light. One reading of this book is sufficient to appreciate the tremendous amount of quality effort that the authors have put into the writing, and I strongly recommend it to all teachers, researchers and practitioners of mathematical programming."

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