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ТехникаAudio Wiring Guide: How to wire the most popular audio and video connectors

 Audio Wiring Guide: How to wire the most popular audio and video connectors

Author(s): John Hechtman
Publisher: Focal Press
Date : 2008
Pages : 328
Format : PDF
Language : English
ISBN-10 : 0240520068
Size : 9 Mb

Whether youre a pro or an amateur, a musician or into multimedia, you cant afford to guess about audio wiring. The Audio Wiring Guide is a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide that explains exactly what you need to know. No matter the size of your wiring project or installation, this handy tool provides you with the essential information you need and the techniques to use it.

Using The Audio Wiring Guide is like having an expert at your side. By following the clear, step-by-step directions, you can do professional-level work at a fraction of the cost.

Every step is clearly explained and photo-illustrated. All the common audio connectors are covered as well as most special-use multimedia connectors. It is the perfect guide to keep by your side in the studio or on the road.

* Covers all the essential wiring techniques, from fixing a guitar plug to wiring an entire recording studio
* Includes essential information on how to organize and lay out your job sequence, how to choose and buy tools, plus tips to avoid common novice errors


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