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ТехникаMulti-GHz Frequency Synthesis & Division

Multi-GHz Frequency Synthesis & Division

Название: Multi-GHz Frequency Synthesis & Division
Издательство: Springer
Автор: Hamid R. Rategh, Thomas H. Lee
Год: 2001
Количество страниц: 168
Формат: PDF
Размер: 6 mb
Язык: English

There has been an increasing demand for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) systems in the past few years. New frequency bands are allocated and new standards are being developed to accommodate higher data rates. The fast trend of CMOS scaling has provided an opportunity for the development of low cost integrated WLAN systems. Frequency synthesizers are one of the main building blocks of wireless transceivers. The high frequency digital frequency dividers in a phase-locked loop (PLL) based frequency synthesizer are among the most challenging blocks to design and usually account for a large percentage of the synthesizer total power dissipation. The successful design and integration of a high frequency PLL demands a comprehensive understanding of wireless systems, RF circuits, and loop stability issues. Multi-GHz Frequency Synthesis & Division starts with an overview of WLAN systems and reviews the WLAN market and standards. It then studies PLLs as an essential building block of WLAN receivers, and provides guidelines and engineering recipes for the design of loop filters in high frequency PLLs. Additionally, the book investigates different analog and digital frequency division techniques and introduces injection-locked frequency dividers (ILFDs) as an alternative for conventional frequency dividers. Finally, the book demonstrates a successful design of a fully integrated CMOS frequency synthesizer for a 5 GHz WLAN receiver. Multi-GHz Frequency Synthesis & Division will be of interest to RF and high-speed analog circuit designers and students as well as wireless engineers.

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