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ТехникаSmart Antennas: State of the Art

Smart Antennas: State of the Art

Название: Smart Antennas:State of the Art
Издательство: University of Minnesota Press
Автор: Thomas Kaiser, Andre Bourdoux, Holger Boche, Javier Rodriguez Fonollosa, Jorgen Bach Andersen
Год: 2005
Количество страниц: 896
Формат: PDF
Размер: 15 mb
Язык: English

Smart Antennas—State of the Art brings together the broad expertise of 41 European experts in smart antennas. They provide a comprehensive review and an extensive analysis of the recent progress and new results generated during the last years in almost all fields of smart antennas More...
and MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) transmission. The following represents a summarized table of content.

Receiver: space-time processing, antenna combining, reduced rank processing, robust beamforming, subspace methods, synchronization, equalization, multi-user detection, iterative methods.
Channel: propagation, measurements and sounding, modeling, channel estimation, direction-of-arrival estimation, subscriber location estimation.
Transmitter: space-time block coding, channel side information, unified design of linear transceivers, ill-conditioned channels, MIMO-MAC strategies.
Network Theory: channel capacity, network capacity, multihop networks.
Technology: antenna design, transceivers, demonstrators and testbeds, future air interfaces.
Applications and Systems: 3G system and link level aspects, MIMO HSDPA, MIMO-WLAN/UMTS implementation issues.
This book serves as a reference for scientists and engineers who need to be aware of the leading edge research in multiple-antenna communications, an essential technology for emerging broadband wireless systems.

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