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ТехникаRussia's Top Guns (Soviet Air Power)

Russia's Top Guns (Soviet Air Power)
Название: Russia's Top Guns (Soviet Air Power)
Издательство: Gallery Books
ISBN: 0831775831
Год издания: 1990
Язык: English
Количество страниц: 147
Формат: PDF
Размер: 106,1 mb

Russia’s top guns is a comprehensive survey of the most important aircraft in service with the soviet armed forces. Over 40 aircraft are featured. The range of Sukhoi fighter and attack aircraft is covered, as are the MIGs, all the way from the MIG-15, still in use on training duties, right through to the MIG-31. Soviet bombers dealt with extend from the veteran ‘Bison’ to the ‘Backfire’ and the ‘Bear’, while the transports include the AN-12 ‘Cub’, the soviet equivalent of the Hercules, and the colossal ‘Condor’, bigger even than the C-5 galaxy. And no examination of soviet air power would be complete without a look at the helicopters, of which the MI-8 ‘Hip’ and the fearsome MI-24 ‘Hind’ gunship are outstanding examples. Aircraft entries in Russia’s top guns contain details of specifications, performance and weaponry, in addition to information on the aircraft’s history, capabilities, structure and distribution aircraft enthusiasts alike.


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