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Сетевые технологииBlogging and RSS: A Librarian's Guide

Blogging and RSS: A Librarian's Guide
Автор: Michael P. Sauers
Название: Blogging and RSS: A Librarian's Guide, Second Edition
Издательство:Information Today, Inc.
Год: 2010
Кол-во страниц: 322
Формат: Pdf
Размер: 12 MB
Язык: Английский

In this fully updated second edition of his popular 2006 book, Michael P. Sauers shows how blogging and RSS technology can be easily and successfully used by libraries and librarians. In addition to providing easy-to-follow instructions for creating, publishing, and syndicating a blog using free web-based services, software, RSS feeds, and aggregators, Sauers covers new tools and services, introduces numerous useful library blogs and bloggers, and includes a new chapter on microblogging with Twitter.

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