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Сетевые технологииBroadband wireless mobile: 3G and beyond

Broadband wireless mobile: 3G and beyond

Название: Broadband wireless mobile: 3G and beyond
Издательство: Wilеy
Автор: Willie W. Lu
Год: 2002
Количество страниц: 528
Формат: PDF
Размер: 6 mb
Язык: English

Broadband Wireless Mobile (3G and 4G) will be the next key developments in wireless communications. Immense interest has been fuelled by large demand for high frequency utilisation as well as a large number of users requiring simultaneous multidimensional high data rate access for the applications of wireless mobile internet and e-commerce. Broadband wireless mobile extends the corporate LAN to common areas such as meeting rooms and enables in-building public wireless hotspots such as airport lounges to provide wireless portable computer connectivity. People will be able to access information as if they were at their desk and will be able to communicate reliably and access securely the information most important to them, such as email, corporate data and the Internet. The 3G/4G systems will use a new network architecture (eg All-IP NET) to deliver broadband services in a more generic configuration to mobile customers and supports multidimensional services and emerging interactive multimedia communications. The world of telecommunications will continue to migrate toward wireless technologies and will ultimately provide users with mobile access to all types of media and information in a variety of forms including media phones and portable computers.
* Provides coverage of 4G mobile - the newest development by ITU (International telecommunication Union)
* Covers range of emerging wireless applications including WAP and iMode
* Provides a world perspective on the topic as the authors are from USA, Europe and Japan
An essential reference for engineers and researchers in the field of wireless communications systems (and electrical engineering), network planners and operators, as well as a valuable reference for students and management, marketing, sales or investor personnel in the area of wireless communications.
The convergence of broadband wireless mobile (3G wireless and 4G mobile) and wireless access systems will be the next significant development in wireless communications........
By using an advanced network architecture it will deliver broadband services in a more generic configuration to wireless customers and support value-added services and emerging interactive multimedia configurations. When you are in the office, home, airport or shopping center your communicator will automatically be able to connect to the broadband short-range wireless access networks (i.e. Wireless LAN) to provide high-speed wireless connections. This cutting edge resource presents the enabling technologies required. Ultimately, 4G mobile will provide seamless high data rate wireless service over an increasing number of integrated yet distinct and heterogeneous wireless mobile and access platforms and networks operating across multiple frequency bands.
* Discusses the air interfaces and radio protocol of the 3G wireless and beyond systems
* Focuses on the network architecture and reference models
* Provides a comprehensive update on the progress of emerging wireless applications protocols WAP and i-Mode
* Studies the initiatives in 4G mobile communications
Edited by a leading authority in the field Broadband Wireless Mobile offers state-of-the-art updates in this fast evolving area and will be the definitive reference book for engineers, researchers, students and managers who are involved in this next generation wireless communications.

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