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РазноеThe American Practical Navigator

The American Practical Navigator

Название: The American Practical Navigator
Автор: Nathaniel Bowditch
Издательство: Paradise Cay Publications
Год издания:2002
Страниц: 896
Формат: pdf
Размер: 18.4 Мб

Nathanial Bowditch first published this encyclopedic work in 1802. During the last two centuries over 75 editions, almost 1,000,000 copies, of Bowditch have been published by the US Government. It has lived because it has combined the best technologies of each generation of navigator. This new Bicentennial Edition includes the latest advances in electronic navigation and digital charting technology. It also covers nonelectronic navigation such as celestial, plotting and dead reckoning. Bowditch contains numerous tables which have been valued for years by practicing navigators.

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