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РазноеThe Book of Photography

The Book of PhotographyАвтор:Jhon Hedgecoe
Размер:17.61 MB
Книга The Book of Photography - oт John Hedgecoe поможет Вам в усовершенствовании фотографических навыков. Самый большой раздел посвящен разным фотографическим жанрам включая портретную живопись, натюрморт, ландшафты, архитектура, и естествознание... даны теоретические и практические советы...

This book adopts a practical approach to help you master photography. The largest section covers a wide range of photographic genres, including portraiture, still life, landscapes, architecture, and natural history. All these are illustrated with behind-the-scenes shots of me out on location or in a studio actually taking the pictures. These photo set-ups reveal exactly how a shot was taken, the equipment that was used, the camera angle, and the wider settings from which the pictures were derived. A technical understanding of your camera is important, as it allows you to capture the pictorial qualities of a scene in the best way possible, whether you are using film or a digital chip. These fundamental camera controls are illustrated in the first section of the book using both diagrams and photographs. The more familiar you become with the controls and lens settings on your own particular camera, the more attention you can pay to composition and timing.

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