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РазноеMac OS X Hints, Leopard Edition - Macworld Superguide

Mac OS X Hints, Leopard Edition - Macworld Superguide

Название: Mac OS X Hints, Leopard Edition - Macworld Superguide
Автор: Rob Griffiths, Editors of Macworld
Издательство: Macworld
Год: 2008
Страниц: 68
Формат: PDF
Размер: 3,53 Mб

Unleash Leopard with 200+ tips and tricks
When it comes to uncovering your Mac's hidden powers, there's no better resource than MacOSXHints.com, a collaborative Web site that lets Mac users share their favorite tips and tricks.
In fact, over the past eight years, the site has collected more than 10,000 hints covering every version of Mac OS X. For this book, the site's creator, Rob Griffiths - in collaboration with the editors of Macworld, has pulled together the most useful hints for OS X 10.5. Whether you're a power user looking to take control of your system or a relative newcomer searching for ways to be more productive, this handpicked collection will help you get the most from Leopard.
Inside these pages you'll find more than 200 tips covering nearly every aspect of Leopard, including customizing the look of Finder windows, searching hidden system files with Spotlight, and making the most of OS X newcomers like Quick Look and Spaces. You'll also dig deep into Leopard's system settings to fine-tune your preferences, save time with undocumented shortcuts, and unlock powerful file-sharing and printing features. Once you've mastered your system, use our step-by-step advice for squeezing more power from OS X's built-in programs, including Mail, Safari, iCal, iChat, iTunes, Preview, and more. And of course, no guide for power users would be complete without a trip to Terminal. If you're new to OS X's command-line interface, we'll show you how to get started and how to protect yourself from dangerous actions. If you're a command-line veteran, you'll find tips for taking advantage of new Leopard commands and strategies for working in Terminal more efficiently.

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