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РазноеIn vino veritas

In vino veritas
Автор: Simon A.L.
Название: In vino veritas
Издательство: Grant Richards ltd.
Год: 1913
Язык: Английский
Формат: DjVu
Размер: 3,46 МБ

The immense majority of brain-workers, in this as in all other civilised countries, drink wines and spirits, and there must be many who would like to know something more reliable about alcohol than what is to be found in the numerous publications issued by total abstinence associations. There has not been any comprehensive work upon wines and spirits published in England for many years, and the Committee of the Wine Trade Club have decided to issue a series of text-books to supply the public as well as wine-merchants with authentic facts and figures about wines and spirits.
The present volume is the first of these text-books; it consists of six chapters which correspond to the six lectures delivered by the Wine Trade Club at Vintners' Hall during the winter of 1911-1912. It may be said to form an introduction to the study of the subject; it contains a strictly correct but very short description of the history of the wine trade in England and general information on the growing of vines, the art of wine-making, the science of distillation and the effects of alcohol upon the human body.

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