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РазноеRhinoplasty- Text

Rhinoplasty- Text
Название:Rhinoplasty- Text
Автор:Trenite Nolst
Издательство:Not Avail
Дата издания:2005-01
Размер:34.75 MB

This third edition of Rhinoplasty, edited by Gilbert Nolst Trenite and his contributory colleagues expands and enlarges the canons of nasal surgery elegantly demonstrated in the former editions. Six new chapters have been developed, including expanded and detailed discussions of septoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, refinements of the open approach, alar batten grafting and an enlarged section on nasal reconstructive techniques. Surgeons who share a deep interest and passion for the complex operation of rhinoplasty will enjoy the clear, precise and pragmatic approach incorporated herein. Professor Nolst Trenite and associates have produced what they sought to achieve – a vital and practical contemporary guide to rhinoplasty.

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