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РазноеGreek Homosexuality: Updated and with a new Postscript

Greek Homosexuality: Updated and with a new Postscript
Название:Greek Homosexuality: Updated and with a new Postscript
Автор:K. J. Dover
Издательство:Harvard University Press
Дата издания:1989-10-15
Размер: 36.9 Mb

A landmark study...One cannot underestimate the importance of Mr. Dover's book. With philological brilliance and scholarly objectivity, he presents facts that can no longer be ignored. It is a step closer toward understanding the complex nature of the Greeks, whom we claim as cultural fathers. It is also a step closer to understanding human nature.
--Erich Segal (New York Times Book Review )
An unprejudiced description of the homosexual phenomena depicted by classical Greek artists and writers has long been an urgent desideratum. Dover's book fills this need successfully. In its collection and interpretation of the ancient evidence it will be indispensable for broader and/or more specialized explorations of the sexual aspects of Greek art and society.
--Jeffrey Henderson (Classical World )
In Greek classes past teachers used to slide quickly over the exact nature of the relationships between men and boys in ancient Athens... In this expert, candid, and wry study all is made clear. (Washington Post )
Greek Homosexuality provides--finally--an unvarnished look at Athenian homosexuality...[It is] now the standard volume on the subject.
--John Scarborough (American Historical Review )
Dover's is an authoritative discussion; he is a philologist of great stature with wide achievement as editor, commentator, and literary critic...The subject was one which needed to be exposed to the light of day; we can be thankful that it has been done by a great scholar and one who treats the subject without prejudice.
--Bernard Knox (New York Review of Books )

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