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РазноеA Mind at Work

A Mind at Work
Название:A Mind at Work
Издательство:Synchron Wissenschaftsverlag der Autoren
Дата издания:2003
Размер: 10,4 MB

This book is edited by two distinguished scholars from Spain, who also edited a special issue of the journal Anthropos. Hallmarks of Knowledge, dedicated to the work of Mihai Nadin.
The book presents contributions from European and American scholars in various fields who are acquainted with Nadin the person and with his work.
"Cohesion occurs where the interpretation of some element in the discourse is dependent on that of another. The one presupposes the other, in the sense that it cannot be effectively decoded except by recourse to it.?"
Common terms and phrases:
aesthetic Beverly Civilization of Illiteracy Gary language literacy Mihai Nadin pragmatic semiotics

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