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ПсихологияBreakdown of Will (English and English Edition)

Breakdown of Will (English and English Edition)
Название:Breakdown of Will (English and English Edition)
Автор:George Ainslie
Издательство:Cambridge University Press
Дата издания:2001-03-19
Размер:1.00 MB

Ainslie argues that our responses to the threat of our own inconsistency determine the basic fabric of human culture. He suggests that individuals are more like populations of bargaining agents than like the hierarchical command structures envisaged by cognitive psychologists. This perspective helps us understand so much that is puzzling in human action and interaction: from self-defeating behaviors to willfulness, from pathological over-control and self-deception to subtler forms of behavior such as altruism, sadism, gambling, and the "social construction" of belief.

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