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ПсихологияPrinciples of Child Protection: Management and Practice

Principles of Child Protection: Management and Practice
Название:Principles of Child Protection: Management and Practice
Автор:Anne Lawrence
Издательство:Open University Press
Дата издания:2004-10-01
Размер: 1.02 MB

There continues to be a recognized need for cooperation among the major agencies involved in children's welfare today. While retaining their individual autonomy and authority, agencies need to work together effectively for the well-being of children.
Principles of Child Protection examines the topical and growing field of child protection practice. The author reviews the literature on social and cultural definitions and patterns of child abuse, child sexual abuse, and the nature of childhood itself, and examines the forces that have helped to determine current multiagency child protection management. This book is suitable for students on qualifying and post-qualifying courses in social work, social policy and child protection, as well as practitioners and policy makers.

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