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Программирование90 Days to Success in Fundraising

90 Days to Success in Fundraising
Название:90 Days to Success in Fundraising
Автор:Timothy (Tim Kachinske ) Kachinske
Издательство:Course Technology PTR
Дата издания:2009-02-19
Размер: 7,93 mb

With ever-increasing competition among organizations for donor dollars, developing fundraising skills is a must for survival and success in today's nonprofit environment. 90 Days to Success in Fundraising will help first-time fundraisers hit the ground running during the critical first 90 days on the job (or the first 90 days of a new fundraising campaign). The book introduces readers to the keys of successful fundraising by identifying and opening gift and grant revenue streams, yielding better results from campaigns, and increasing donor participation. The book teaches new fundraisers how to approach and deal with their role by sharing the experiences, techniques, and thought processes of a highly successful fundraising professional.

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