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ПрограммированиеGuide to Enterprise IT Architecture

Guide to Enterprise IT Architecture
Название:Guide to Enterprise IT Architecture
Автор:Col Perks, Tony Beveridge
Дата издания:2003-10-31
Размер:11.30 MB

IT architecture is a critical tool that defines the components or building blocks that comprise an organizationВїs overall information system. This guide provides a comprehensive and practical introduction and reference for the IT architecture design of an enterprise organizationВїs information system. Covering the full spectrum of IT technical architectural concerns---from technical issues and flexible method development to business strategy and models---the reader is guided through the cycle of design and development with proven methods and practices. The presentation is primarily based on the method of The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF) standards. Features and topics: *comprehensive and unified overview of all aspects of IT architecture design, implementation and strategic adaptability *detailed examples and case studies to systematically illustrate development methods and the process cycle *extensive summary charts, tables, and step-by-step procedures for quick use and reference *uses the TOGAF development framework and process, the accepted international standard for an enterprise *presents comprehensive explanation of the IT technical architecture concepts and methods *integrates strategic issues with the context and content of IT architecture design to ensure strategic goals are incorporated This highly readable reference provides a rich resource of tools and strategic insights for all practitioners, professionals and developers in information technology, database systems, and enterprise systems administration. With its accessible style and intuitive topic development, the book is an authoritative guide to the power, versatility and strategic utility of IT architecture.

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