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ПрограммированиеAdobe AIR for Javascript Developers Pocket Guide

Adobe AIR for Javascript Developers Pocket Guide

Adobe AIR for javascript Developers Pocket Guide
Mike Chambers, Daniel Dura, Kevin Hoyt, Dragos Georgita
Издательство: Adobe Developer Library
Год издания: 2008
Страниц: 208
ISBN: 0596518374
Язык: английский
Формат: CHM
Размер: 1,38 Мб
Part of the Adobe Developer Library, this concise pocket guide explains:

What Adobe AIR is, and the problems this runtime aims to solve
How to set up your development environment
The HTML and javascript environments within AIR
How to create your first AIR application using HTML and javascript
Ways to perform an array of common tasks with this runtime
Also included is a guide to AIR packages, classes, and command line tools. Once you understand the basics of building HTML- and javascript-based AIR applications, this book makes an ideal reference for tackling specific problems. It offers a quick introduction to a significant new development technology, which lets you combine the reach and ease of the Web with the power of the desktop.

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Размер: 1.38 Mb(cкачиваний: 1)

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