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ПрограммированиеProfessional Java User Interfaces

Professional Java User Interfaces
Название: Professional Java User Interfaces
Автор: Mauro Marinilli
Издательство: Wiley
Год: 2006
Формат: pdf
Размер: 26 Мб

Product Description
This book covers the full development life cycle for professional GUI design in Java, from cost estimation and design to coding and testing.

· Focuses on building high quality industrial strength software in Java
· Ready-to-use source code is given throughout the text based on industrial-strength projects undertaken by the author.

From the Back Cover
Professional Java User Interfaces begins where all other Java Graphical User Interface books end. It goes beyond the traditional discussion of code and covers aspects of professional Java GUI development that other books tend to miss out. It takes advantage of Swing and SWT libraries, but it is not limited to them; it explores GUIs for all Java environments, going beyond standard component-based GUIs. Mauro Marinilli describes how to set out and develop GUIs, ranging from the most simple to the most complex, with industry quality, reusable utility classes, sound software designs, source code and professional advice.
Save time and effort by following the recommendations outlined in this book when undertaking professional GUI design and development. From practical tips to design patterns-aware software development and scalable architectures, this essential read is a culmination of many years of real-world experience.

The author reveals:

* The best way to code a complex UI in Java, with plenty of code examples.
* How GUI design and usability techniques can be used effectively with Java.
* Industry best practice for building professional GUIs for projects of any size.
* How to design effective GUIs for Java programs running on devices other than PCs.
* How to chose the best software model for a project; options range from XP to Rational Unified Process, including Test-Driven Development, Cost-Driven design and others.
* Practical tips for every aspect of project management to increase team organization.
* Essential techniques to add professional features to your GUIs: to include undo – redo, memory management and lazy initialization, asynchronous actions and more.
* Extensive coverage of the latest Java UI technologies and libraries.

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