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Программированиеphparchitect's Guide to E-Commerce Programming with Magento

phparchitect's Guide to E-Commerce Programming with Magento

Автор:Mark Kimsal
Название:phparchitect's Guide to E-Commerce Programming with Magento
Издательство:Marco Tabini
Размер:5,53 Mb

his highly anticipated book will give you the insight you need to successfully manage and customize your Magento Commerce installation. php|architect's Guide to Programming with Magento takes you from installation to deployment of this popular e-commerce open source software. Magentos flexibility and Zend Framework-based structure have made it an increasingly popular e-commerce solution. Designed as a valuable companion to the the documentation provided on the Magento web site, this comprehensive book covers everything you as a developer need to know, including: - Installation and configuration - Basic understanding of Magento Commerce features and functions - Overview of front-end and back-end systems - Dealing with multiple stores - Accommodating multiple languages & internationalization issues - Handling Magento modules - Working with the Magento template system - Understanding Magento's EAV database structure - Made-to-order products - Adding a rewards or points system - Integration with a CMS - Accounting, inventory and order fulfillment and exporting information with XML - An entire chapter devoted to quick answers to common questions.

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