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ПрограммированиеBig Book of Windows Hacks

Big Book of Windows HacksАвтор: Preston Gralla
Название: Big Book of Windows Hacks
Издательство: O’Reilly
Год: 2007
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 70.3 Mb

Windows-related software and hardware is eminently hackable. As you’ll see, you can hack just
about anything. Want to completely redo Windows Vista’s (or Windows XP’s) interface? I’ll show you how. How about hacking the dreaded Vista User Account Control prompt, ReadyBoost, or Windows Aero? It’s in here as well. Want to mod your PC’s case, do some serious Zune hacking, replace your home router’s fi rmware to give it enterprise-level features, hack your BIOS, speed up Internet access for free, take control of your wireless network, and more? That’s all in here as well, and plenty more, to boot. (And yes, there are plenty of hacks for booting your PC as well, including setting up multiboot systems and mastering Windows Vista’s bizarre new BCD store for bootup.)
You’ll fi nd hundreds of hacks in this book. Some are simple enough so that you can do them in a few minutes. Some take some serious time and thought, such as how to build your own Windows Vista gadgets. But all of them are useful or entertaining. You’ll learn how to get far more out of Windows-related software and hardware, and have fun in the process.
The hundreds of hacks you’ll fi nd inside are useful, frequently entertaining, and will save you countless hours at the keyboard. Whether you want to speed up your PC, customize the Windows interface, hack your wired and wireless network, get more out of the Web, make better use of email, use the Registry to bend the operating system to your will, record TV shows and burn DVDS, or use Windows for countless other useful tasks, you’ll fi nd what you’re looking for here. And each hack doesn’t just show you how to do something; it also teaches why it works. Each hack is a starting point, rather than an ending point, so that you can apply the knowledge you’ve gained to create new hacks of your own. Try it out: who knows, in the next edition of this book, you might get a hack of your own published.
The book covers Windows Vista and Windows XP, as well as hardware that works with both, including laptops, desktops, the Zune, and more. It also covers other Microsoft software, including Microsoft Offi ce and Windows Home Server.


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