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ПрограммированиеPractical PHP and MySQL, building eight dynamic web

Practical PHP and MySQL, building eight dynamic web

Название: Practical PHP and MySQL, building eight dynamic web applications
Автор: Jono Bacon
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Год: 2006
Страниц: 527
Формат: PDF
Размер: 4,86 Mб

Practical PHP and MySQL reflects Jono’s commitment to the spirit of making open source subjects accessible to everyone. The book carefully walks you through the code for eight useful, dynamic Web applications. Projects are presented in a playful way, like the forum project that touts horror movies that make you ‘hide behind the couch.’”
–From the Foreword by Christopher Negus, Series Editor, Negus Live Linux Series
Build Dynamic Web Sites Fast, with PHP and MySQL…
Learn from Eight Ready-to-Run Applications!
Suddenly, it’s easy to build commercial-quality Web applications using free and open source software. With this book, you’ll learn from eight ready-to-run, real-world applications–all backed by clear diagrams and screenshots, well-documented code, and simple, practical explanations.
Leading open source author Jono Bacon teaches the core skills you’ll need to build virtually any application. You’ll discover how to connect with databases, upload content, perform cascading deletes, edit records, validate registrations, specify user security, create reusable components, use PEAR extensions, and even build Ajax applications.
Working from complete examples on the CD-ROM, you’ll create
• Generic dynamic Web sites
• Blogs
• Discussion forums
• Shopping carts
• Auction sites
• Calendars
• FAQ systems
• Reusable components
• Content management systems
• News sites
JONO BACON is Ubuntu community manager for Canonical, Ubuntu’s sponsor. He is an established speaker, author, and contributor to the open source community. Bacon co-authored Linux
Desktop Hacks and The Official Ubuntu Book; has served as a columnist for Linux Format, Linux User & Developer, and PC Plus; and is an O’Reilly Networkweblog author. He is a lead developer onthe Jokosher (www.jokosher.org) project,and co-founder of LUGRadio–a podcastwith more than 15,000 listeners, andan annual event that attracts visitorsfrom around the world.
CD-ROM Includes
• XAMPP for Linux: easy-to-install, preconfigured Apache distributions containing MySQL, PHP, Perl, and more
• Source code for all eight fully-working applications discussed in the book
• A remastered Ubuntu live CD, set to run all eight applications live
System Requirements
• CPU: Pentium III, 650 MHz. RAM: 256MB (recommended 512MB).
• Hard disk: No space required to run live CD; 250MB of space needed to put XAMPP server and projects on installed system.

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