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ПрограммированиеC# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design

C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design
Год: 2011
Автор: Barbara Doyle
Жанр: Программирование
Издательство: Course Technology, Cengage Learning
ISBN: 978-0-538-45302-8
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Размер: 56 MB
C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design has been thoroughly revised for Visual Studio 2010. As in previous editions of the text Doyle introduces a variety of basic programming concepts, from data types and expressions to arrays and collections - all using C# as the programming language. Every chapter begins with an identification of objectives and ends with a case study solidifying concepts presented in the chapter. New to this edition, each chapter ends with a new “Coding Standards” section summarizing style issues and links to additional Resources. Ideal for both novices and programmers with experience in other languages, this book goes beyond traditional programming books by including new, advanced software topics such as an introduction to database connectivity using LINQ (Language Integrated Query) and ADO.NET. A full chapter is devoted to web programming using ASP.NET.

Нажмите для скачивания Doyle B. - C# Programming From Problem Analysis to Program Design, 3rd Edition - 2011.rar!gram Design, 3rd Edition - 2011.rar
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