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ПрограммированиеiPhone and iPad App 24-Hour Trainer

iPhone and iPad App 24-Hour Trainer

Автор: Abhishek Mishra, Gene Backlin
Год: 2012
Страниц: 504 Pages
ISBN: 978-1118130810
Формат файла: PDF
Размер: 69 MB
Издательство WROX

he number of applications in the Apple app store is growing at a staggering rate. Want to get in the game, but don't know iOS? With even little or no prior programming experience, you can learn the code necessary to build an app by following the how-to instructions in this book-and-video combo. Comprised of clear, no-nonsense lessons, the book walks you through each tutorial and then encourages you to work through simple exercises so that you can immediately apply what you just learned.

Introduces iOS and helps you set up a development environment
Highlights the basics of object-oriented programming principles as well as key objective-C concepts
Examines Cocoa touch and the Cocoa touch framework, including using various classes in the UIKit and Foundation frameworks
Looks at advanced concepts such as tab bars, web views, the Accelerometer, Google maps, Core Location, and more

With this book-and-video package, you'll learn how to plan, create, and launch apps for the iPhone and iPad that are ready for submission to the App Store!

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