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ПрограммированиеJava Performance

Java Performance
Название: Java Performance
Автор: Charlie Hunt, Binu John
Издательство: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0137142528
Год: 2012
Страниц: 720
Формат: PDF
Размер: 9 Mb
Язык: Английский

Java Performance covers the latest Oracle and third-party tools for monitoring and measuring performance on a wide variety of hardware architectures and operating systems. The authors present dozens of tips and tricks you’ll find nowhere else.
You’ll learn how to construct experiments that identify opportunities for optimization, interpret the results, and take effective action. You’ll also find powerful insights into microbenchmarking–including how to avoid common mistakes that can mislead you into writing poorly performing software. Then, building on this foundation, you’ll walk through optimizing the Java HotSpot VM, standard and multitiered applications; Web applications, and more. Coverage includes
Taking a proactive approach to meeting application performance and scalability goals
Monitoring Java performance at the OS level in Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris environments
Using modern Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and OS observability tools to profile running systems, with almost no performance penalty
Gaining “under the hood” knowledge of the Java HotSpot VM that can help you address most Java performance issues
Integrating JVM-level and application monitoring
Mastering Java method and heap (memory) profiling
Tuning the Java HotSpot VM for startup, memory footprint, response time, and latency
Determining when Java applications require rework to meet performance goals
Systematically profiling and tuning performance in both Java SE and Java EE applications
Optimizing the performance of the Java HotSpot VM

Using this book, you can squeeze maximum performance and value from all your Java applications–no matter how complex they are, what platforms they’re running on, or how long you’ve been running them.

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