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ПрограммированиеOptimal Solution of Nonlinear Equations

Optimal Solution of Nonlinear Equations
Название:Optimal Solution of Nonlinear Equations
Автор:Krzysztof A. Sikorski
Издательство:Oxford University Press, USA
Дата издания:2001-01-18
Размер: 2 MB

Optimal Solution of Nonlinear Equations is a text/monograph designed to provide an overview of optimal computational methods for the solution of nonlinear equations, fixed points of contractive and noncontractive mapping, and for the computation of the topological degree. It is of interest to any reader working in the area of Information-Based Complexity. The worst-case settings are analyzed here. Several classes of functions are studied with special emphasis on tight complexity bounds and methods which are close to or achieve these bounds. Each chapter ends with exercises, including companies and open-ended research based exercises.

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