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ПрограммированиеSpecification of Software Systems (Texts in Computer Science)

Specification of Software Systems (Texts in Computer Science)
Название:Specification of Software Systems (Texts in Computer Science)
Автор:V.S. Alagar, K. Periyasamy
Дата издания:2011-04-29
Размер: 3 MB

This extensively revised and updated new edition of Specification of Software Systems builds upon the original focus on software specification with added emphasis on the practice of formal methods for specification and verification activities for different types of software systems and at different stages of developing software systems. Topics and features: provides a wide coverage of formal specification techniques and a clear writing style, supported by end-of-chapter bibliographic notes for further reading; presents a logical structure, with sections devoted to specification fundamentals, basics of formalism, logic, set theory and relations, property-oriented specification methods, and model-based specification techniques; contains end-of-chapter exercises and numerous case studies, with potential course outlines suggested in the Preface; covers Object-Z, B-Method, and Calculus of Communicating Systems; offers material that can be taught with tool-supported laboratory projects.

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