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ПрограммированиеPractical JIRA Plugins

Practical JIRA Plugins

Название: Practical JIRA Plugins
Издательство: O'Reilly Media
Автор: Matthew B. Doar
Год: 2011
Количество страниц: 112
Формат: PDF
Размер: 5 mb
Язык: English

One advantage of using JIRA for issue tracking, bug tracking, or project management is the ability to extend this tool with hundreds of plugins from the JIRA community. In this concise book, software toolsmith Matt Doar—the author of Practical JIRA Administration—shows you how to create and maintain your own JIRA plugins to meet the specific needs of a project.

This book uses detailed examples to clarify some of the more confusing aspects of JIRA plugins, and serves as an ideal supplement to the extensive documentation already available.
- Use JIRA’s Plugin SDK, and learn several aspects common to all plugins
- Create your own custom field type, using a JIRA plugin
- Delve into advanced aspects of custom field plugins, and discover how searching for values in custom fields works
- Create JIRA plugins to use with workflows, and learn about conditions, validators, and post-functions
- Store data using the PropertySet interface and the Active Objects plugin
- Upgrade a plugin and upload it to Atlassian Plugin Exchange (PAC)

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