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ПрограммированиеLearning Revit Architecture 2010 (Autodesk Official Training Guide: Essential)

Learning Revit Architecture 2010 (Autodesk Official Training Guide: Essential)
Название:Learning Revit Architecture 2010 (Autodesk Official Training Guide: Essential)
Автор:Autodesk Official Training Guide
Дата издания:2009-11-16
Размер:12.70 MB

Learn Revit Architecture 2010 from the source!
This beautiful full-color Official Training Guide is the perfect resource for those who need a complete, expert guide to Revit Architecture 2010. With training provided by Autodesk experts who helped create the software, this book thoroughly covers the principles and fundamentals of this groundbreaking building information modeling (BIM) software.
You'll create a basic floor plan, add and edit simple and complex walls, modify and detail drawings, and learn valuable techniques and best practices. This invaluable guide also prepares designers for Revit Architecture certification.
Covers Revit Architecture 2010 for architects, contractors, designers, and students; this book is an Autodesk Official Training Guide and was created by Autodesk, makers of Revit Architecture
Walks readers through techniques, workflows, and content tailored to those just learning as well as professionals working on real-world projects or preparing for Revit Architecture certification
Delves into elements, Revit families, working with components, managing section and elevation views, making modifications, documentation, and more
Demonstrates best practices while you create a basic floor plan, add and edit walls, create and modify roofs and floors, and more
Features a gallery of customer success stories highlighting how Revit was used to create the compelling designs
Get the very most out of Revit Architecture with this must-have training guide from the makers of Revit.

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