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Программирование21 Recipes for Mining Twitter

21 Recipes for Mining Twitter
Автор: Matthew Russell
Название: 21 Recipes for Mining Twitter
Издательство: O’Reilly Media
Язык: English
Год: 2011
Формат: pdf
Размер: 1,2Mb
Для сайта: eKnigi.org

Millions of public Twitter streams harbor a wealth of data, and once you mine them, you can gain some valuable insights. This short and concise book offers a collection of recipes to help you extract nuggets of Twitter information using easy-to-learn Python tools. Each recipe offers a discussion of how and why the solution works, so you can quickly adapt it to fit your particular needs. The recipes include techniques to:

Use OAuth to access Twitter data
Create and analyze graphs of retweet relationships
Use the streaming API to harvest tweets in realtime
Harvest and analyze friends and followers
Discover friendship cliques
Summarize webpages from short URLs
This book is a perfect companion to O’Reilly’s Mining the Social Web.

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