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ПрограммированиеPro Tools 8: Music Production, Recording, Editing and Mixing

Pro Tools 8: Music Production, Recording, Editing and Mixing
Автор: Mike Collins
Название: Pro Tools 8: Music Production, Recording, Editing and Mixing
Издательство: Elsevier
Год: 2009
Формат: pdf
Размер: 10,6 Mb

"Mike has done it again, producing a very readable book, full of insights and tips, written in his usual clear and never dull style. I particularly love the notes in grey boxes: practical observations representing Mike's distillation of several decades spent producing, composing, arranging, editing, mixing and performing music. How lucky we are that he has written this book for the rest of us!" - Dario Marianelli is one of he UK's leading film composers with an Oscar to his credit for 'Atonement' and an Oscar nomination for 'Pride & Prejudice'.

"Anyone starting out with Pro Tools or who wants to expand their knowledge of the software will find this book very beneficial. The mixing chapter is most impressive. It covers every aspect from setting up your monitoring to lining up outboard gear, to when you grab the faders and look at the meters - and what those meters mean! All the new features of PT8 for music production are covered in detail. The book also includes lots of timesaving shortcuts that will help on busy sessions." - John Leckie, one of the UK's most successful record producers, has worked with bands and artists as diverse as Radiohead, Simple Minds, Baaba Maal and Dr. John.

"Recording to tape is no longer practical for most producers and musicians, many of whom still don't understand the language of digital recording. This book, written by a musician, uses language that music professionals will understand. It will really help people like me to get up to speed with Pro Tools 8 so we will be much better prepared to achieve our goals in the studio.

One of the biggest problems with recordings made this century is that they don't sound as good as those from the previous 50 years because they are totally lacking in dynamics: the music has stopped 'breathing'. The mixing chapter in this book will help you to understand how to retain that vital essence of dynamics in your music, so that tomorrow's recordings can 'breathe' again." - Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick is the producer and leader of Jazz/Funk/Soul band Incognito who has also produced albums for George Benson, Maysa, Terry Callier and others.

"I am 38 years into learning how to play the saxophone and frankly don't have time to sit through long-winded, badly written, unimaginative manuals. Once again, Mike Collins writes about using Pro Tools in easy-to-understand, dynamic and creative language aimed at those of us who have lots of other things on our plates. Mike brings this process to life in a way that, more than once, has made me put my horn down and try something out on Pro Tools that I hadn't tried before! Bravo Mike." - US Saxophone 'star' Kirk Whalum has recorded and performed with Quincy Jones, Nancy Wilson, Al Jarreau, Barbara Streisand and on several movie soundtracks including Whitney Houston's "The Bodyguard". --Kirk Whalum

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