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ПрограммированиеGenetic Programming Theory and Practice II (v. 2)

Genetic Programming Theory and Practice II (v. 2)
Название:Genetic Programming Theory and Practice II (v. 2)
Автор:Una-May O'Reilly, Tina Yu, Rick Riolo, Bill Worzel
Дата издания:2004-10-26
Формат: PDF
Размер: 17,5 mb

This volume explores the emerging interaction between theory and practice in the cutting-edge, machine learning method of Genetic Programming (GP). The contributions developed from a second workshop at the University of Michigan's Center for the Study of Complex Systems where leading international genetic programming theorists from major universities and active practitioners from leading industries and businesses met to examine how GP theory informs practice and how GP practice impacts GP theory. Chapters include such topics as financial trading rules, industrial statistical model building, population sizing, the roles of structure in problem solving by computer, stock picking, automated design of industrial-strength analog circuits, topological synthesis of robust systems, algorithmic chemistry, supply chain reordering policies, post docking filtering, an evolved antenna for a NASA mission and incident detection on highways.

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