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ПрограммированиеBeginning Oracle Application Express 4

Beginning Oracle Application Express 4
Название:Beginning Oracle Application Express 4
Автор:Doug Gault, Karen Cannell, Patrick Cimolini, Martin Giffy D'Souza, Timothy St. Hilaire
Дата издания:2011-03-31
Размер: 75 MB

Beginning Oracle Application Express 4 introduces one of the most talked about development platforms to come out of Oracle Corporation in years. Oracle Application Express, called APEX for short, enables rapid and easy development of web-based applications that make full use of Oracle Database.ВThe release of APEX 4 brings a huge leap forward in terms of functionality and usability for both the developer and the end user. Power users and programmers alike can quickly put together robust and scalable applications for use by one person, by a department, by an entire company.ВВ

Whether you're new to Oracle or an old hand who's yet to test the waters of APEX, Beginning Oracle Application Express 4 introduces the processes and best practices you'll need to become proficient with APEX. The book shows off the programming environment, the utilities and tools available, and then continues by walking through the process of building a working system from the ground up. While the book assumes a foundational knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL, all code used is documented and explained so that those new to the languages will not be lost.
CoversВbrand-new functionality in APEX 4В
Provides fully documented and explained example code
Guides you through creating a working and fully deployable application
What you'll learn
Provides fully documented and explained example code
Guides you through creating a working and fully deployable applicationВВ
Design, code, and troubleshoot APEX applications
Create forms and generate reports
Apply best-practices to database and application design
Create intuitive navigation that inspires confidence amongst users
Secure your applications from outside attack
Deploy applications for one, a dozen, or hundreds of users
Who this book is for
Beginning Oracle Application Express 4 is for programmers and power users wanting to create rich, data-centric applications that are web-based, and that rest on Oracle's industry-leading database technology.
Table of Contents
Part I: Introducing APEX
Chapter 1: An Introduction to APEX 4.0В
Chapter 2 - APEX 4.0: A Developer's Overview

Part II: Beginning APEX 4.0 Programming
Chapter 3 - Identifying the Problem & Designing the Solution
Chapter 4 - SQL Workshop
Chapter 5 -В Creating the Base Application & Navigational Components
Chapter 6 - Forms & Reports
Chapter 7 - Charts & Maps
Chapter 8- Programatic Elements
Chapter 9 - Security
Chapter 10 - Deploying Applications
Part III: Programming Websheets
Chapter 11 - Understanding Websheets
Chapter 12 - A WebSheets Example
Part IV: Advanced Topics
Chapter 13 - Extended Developer ToolsВ
Chapter 14 - Managing Workspaces
Chapter 15 - Team Development

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