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ПрограммированиеLearn Programming with Flash MX

Learn Programming with Flash MX
Название:Learn Programming with Flash MX
Автор:Ben Renow-Clarke, Kristian Besley
Дата издания:2003-10-30
Размер:11,06 MB

Learn Programming with Flash MX, a book for absolute beginners, covers the fundamental programming principles and skills that every programmer needs to master to create well-structured and efficient code that lives up to professional standards.
This book employs a truly unique classroom-based approach to learning, with the goal of establishing core, practical programming skills. Each chapter presents a lesson covering a distinct topic of programming with ActionScript. In each "class," theory and practice are smoothly blended together with plenty of practical examples. The class project that runs through the book reinforces the learning in an integrated, real-world context, using Flash MX as the illustrative vehicle.

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