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ПрофессииStructural Analysis and Design of Process Equipment

Structural Analysis and Design of Process Equipment
Название:Structural Analysis and Design of Process Equipment
Автор:Maan H. Jawad, James R. Farr
Издательство:John Wiley & Sons Inc
Дата издания:1984-03-07
Размер: 101,2 mb

A new edition of the standard text/reference for analysis and design of petrochemical process equipment, revised to reflect current practice. Covers the theory of plates and shells and its industrial applications, and provides background for some of the design equations in the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII. This Second Edition offers a new chapter on design of power boilers, and existing chapters have been expanded to cover new topics such as toughness criteria, design of expansion joints, and tube-to-tubesheet parameters. Also provides revised coverage of design of water tanks, heat tube exchangers, and noncircular vessels. Appendixes contain extensive data for quick reference.

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