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ПрофессииEnvironmental Life-Cycle Assessment

Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment
Название:Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment
Автор:Mary Ann Curran
Издательство:McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Дата издания:1996-07-01
Размер: 22,1 mb

Maximize the Advantages of Environmental LCA Improve the environmental profile of your company's products, processes and activities with Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment. Editor Mary Ann Curran and a team of international experts lead you step-by-step through the entire LCA--showing you how to conduct a complete life-cycle study from start to finish. You'll see how to apply the life-cycle inventory methodology. . .manage life-cycle costing and total cost assessment. . .maximize life-cycle design. . .and streamline your operations using the latest software tools and databases. Realworld examples and case studies illustrate how you can use LCA to make sound decisions on everything from corporate planning to supplier selection to eco-labeling and more.

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