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ПрофессииNarrative-based Primary Care: a Practical Guide: A Practical Guide

Narrative-based Primary Care: a Practical Guide: A Practical Guide
Название:Narrative-based Primary Care: a Practical Guide: A Practical Guide
Автор:John Launer
Издательство:Radcliffe Publishing
Дата издания:2002-08
Размер: 12.4 MB

Contributing to the growing field of "narrative-based medicine", this book specifically addresses the largest area of medical activity - primary care. It provides both a theoretical framework and practical skills for dealing with individual consultations, family work, clinical supervision and teamwork, and offers a comprehensive approach to the whole range of work in primary care. Using a wide range of clinical examples, the book shows how professionals in primary care can help clarify patients' existing stories, and elucidate new stories. It can be used as a training resource and includes exercises and summaries of key points to consider. It is based on, and describes, an established evaluated training method, and is of immediate and significant practical use to readers. It should be useful reading for general practitioners, practice nurses and others in the primary care team, psychologists, family therapists, counsellors and other professionals attached to primary care. GP trainers, tutors and course organizers should also find it a valuable educational tool, as well as professionals elsewhere in primary care such as pharmacists, dentists and optometrists, and academics in medical sociology and medical anthropology will also find it very useful.

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