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ПрофессииZeolite Chemistry and Catalysis (Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis)

Zeolite Chemistry and Catalysis (Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis)
Название:Zeolite Chemistry and Catalysis (Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis)
Автор:L. Kubelkova, B. Wichterlova, P.A. Jacobs, N.I. Jaeger
Издательство:Elsevier Science
Дата издания:1991-10-01
Размер: 20.9 MB

These proceedings reflect recent developments in the field of zeolite chemistry and catalysis with an emphasis on the role of a modifying component on the properties of the molecular sieve material. The plenary lectures and contributed papers concentrate on the problem of isomorphous substitution in a zeolitic framework; on the occlusion and the structure of metal, metal oxide, and metal sulphide clusters and complexes in the intracrystalline void volume of molecular sieves and zeolites as well as in the interlaminar space of layered compounds.

Catalytic applications are discussed, not only in regard to traditional hydrocarbon transformation, but also in such areas as: reduction of SO2, decomposition of NO, reactions of sulphur containing compounds and conversion of CO, CO2 to hydrocarbons or of alcohols to oxygenated products.

Because the book provides valuable data and information on new achievements in the zeolite material science and application, it will be of considerable interest to all research groups involved in zeolite science.

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