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ПрофессииElectrochemistry for the Environment

Electrochemistry for the Environment
Название:Electrochemistry for the Environment
Автор:Christos Comninellis, Guohua Chen
Дата издания:2009-10-28
Размер:16.30 MB

The book starts with the fundamentals of environmental electrochemistry, introducing the basic techniques in selecting and fabricating electrode materials, followed by a theoretical analysis of the electrochemical processes, green electrochemical operation, discussion of electrochemical technologies in water treatment, and then examination of the established wastewater treatment technologies such as electrochemical reactors for metal recovery, electrocoagulation, electroflotation and electrooxidation. Emerging technologies such as electrophotooxidation, electro disinfection, and electrochemical technologies in sludge and soil treatment will also be analyzed. This book will be an excellent reference for young researchers starting new research programs and also for industrialists who wish to appreciate the technologies.

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