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ПрофессииAquatic Bioenvironmental Studies: The Hanford Experience: 1944-1984

Aquatic Bioenvironmental Studies: The Hanford Experience: 1944-1984
Название:Aquatic Bioenvironmental Studies: The Hanford Experience: 1944-1984
Автор:C.D. Becker
Издательство:Elsevier Science
Дата издания:1990-09-01
Размер: 16.7 MB

From 1944-1971, the Hanford Reach of the Colombia River in Washington State received quantities of radioisotopes, heat and chemicals from up to 8 plutonium reactors. Subsequently, from 1971-1984 the same part of the river provided cooling water for 3 power-production facilities.

Environmental concerns promoted a series of continuing studies to examine various potential adverse effects. No significant impairment of the rivers ecosystem was detected.

This book reviews these studies and places them in a historical framework.

It provides a unique overview of studies made over a 40-year period which are now scattered through various published and unpublished documents.

It should be of interest to all those concerned with aquatic ecology and environmental concerns.

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