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ПрофессииClinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing, Third Edition

Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing, Third Edition
Название:Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing, Third Edition
Автор:Dr. Kathleen Gaberson Ph.D. RN CNOR CNE ANEF, Dr. Marilyn Oermann Ph.D. RN FAAN ANEF
Издательство:Springer Publishing Company
Дата издания:2010-03-28
Размер: 17,27 MB

This textbook presents a comprehensive framework for planning, guiding, and evaluating learning activities for undergraduate and graduate nursing students in clinical settings.
The book presents clinical teaching strategies that are effective and practical in a rapidly changing health care environment. It describes a range of teaching strategies useful for courses in which the teacher is on-site with students, in courses using preceptors, in simulation laboratories, and in distance education environments.
This book represents the cutting edge of educational strategies, examining innovative uses of virtual reality, game-based learning, and nontraditional sites for clinical teaching. Also discussed are culturally inclusive strategies, methods incorporating current technologies, and strategies for teaching students with disabilities.
Key topics:
Choosing clinical learning assignments
Self-directed learning activities
Case method, case study, and grand rounds
Clinical Nurse Educator Examination Detailed Test Blueprint core competencies
Evaluation strategies and grading for written assignments
Ethical and legal issues in clinical teaching
Recognizing that clinical settings require different approaches to teaching, the contributors present all the tools necessary to help educators meet the challenges of this complex learning environment.

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