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ПрофессииEyewitness Horse

Eyewitness Horse
Авторы: Juliet Clutton-Brock
Издательство: Publisher: DK
Год: 2004
Кол-во страниц: 76
Формат: pdf
Размер: 23 Мб
Язык: englich

Horses, asses, and zebras all belong to one family of mammals called the “Equidae.” They are called “odd-toed” animals because they only have one hoof on each foot, whereas cows and deer have two hooves and are called “eventoed.” The Equidae are classified in the order Perissodactyla with their closest relatives, the rhinoceroses and tapirs. All members of the horse family (equids) feed by grazing on grasses and shrubs, live in open country, and are fast-running animals that depend on speed to escape from predators. All highly social (pp.12–13), they live in family groups which join together into a herd. They will travel over great distances in search of food or water, or to get away from flies and mosquitoes which plague them in hot weather. Although there is a great variation in size between different breeds of domestic horse (pp.38–41), they all belong to one species —Equus caballus. A pony is defined as a horse that has a height of less than 14.2 hands/58 in (148 cm). Various parts of a horse all have different names and are called the “points” of the horse.

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