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ПрофессииBiomedical Applications of Hydrogels Handbook

Biomedical Applications of Hydrogels Handbook
Название:Biomedical Applications of Hydrogels Handbook
Автор:Raphael M. Ottenbrite, Kinam Park, Teruo Okano
Дата издания:2010-09-03
Размер: 49.4 mb

Hydrogels are networks of polymer chains which can produce a colloidal gel containing over 99 per cent water. The superabsorbency and permeability of naturally occurring and synthetic hydrogels give this class of materials an amazing array of uses. These uses range from wound dressings and skin grafts to oxygen-permeable contact lenses to biodegradable delivery systems for drugs or pesticides and scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Biomedical Applications of Hydrogels Handbook provides a comprehensive description of this diverse class of materials, covering both synthesis and properties and a broad range of research and commercial applications. The Handbook is divided into four sections: Stimuli-Sensitive Hydrogels, Hydrogels for Drug Delivery, Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering, and Hydrogels with Unique Properties.
Key Features:
Provides comprehensive coverage of the basic science and applications of a diverse class of materials
Includes both naturally occurring and synthetic hydrogels
Edited and written by world leaders in the field.

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