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ПрофессииActive Control of Structures

Active Control of Structures
Название:Active Control of Structures
Автор:Andre Preumont, Kazuto Seto
Дата издания:2008-12-15
Размер:22.50 MB

With Active Control of Structures, two global pioneers present the state-of-the-art in the theory, design and application of active vibration control. As the demand for high performance structural systems increases, so will the demand for information and innovation in structural vibration control; this book provides an effective treatise of the subject that will meet this requirement. The authors introduce active vibration control through the use of smart materials and structures, semi-active control devices and a variety of feedback options; they then discuss topics including methods and devices in civil structures, modal analysis, active control of high-rise buildings and bridge towers, active tendon control of cable structures, and active and semi-active isolation in mechanical structures.
Active Control of Structures:
Discusses new types of vibration control methods and devices, including the newly developed reduced-order physical modelling method for structural control;
Introduces triple high-rise buildings connected by active control bridges as devised by Professor Seto;
Offers a design strategy from modelling to controller design for flexible structures;
Makes prolific use of practical examples and figures to describe the topics and technology in an intelligible manner.

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