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ПрофессииThe Neurology Short Case

The Neurology Short Case
Название:The Neurology Short Case
Автор:John G. L. Morris
Издательство:A Hodder Arnold Publication
Дата издания:2005-08-11
Размер:0.95 MB

Medical students, junior doctors in training, non-neurological specialists and general practitioners will all be faced with patients exhibiting neurological symptoms at some point in their career. This book describes a number of simple approaches to examining patients with common neurological problems seen in both the clinical setting, and in college examinations such as the MRCP here in the UK and the FRACP in Australia. The neurological examination is different from the examination of most other body systems in one important respect - there is no single approach which is appropriate for all cases. This poses a particular problem to the inexperienced clinician - how to tailor their examination to the problem in hand. In this book, the reader will find a sensible and practical approach to what most non-neurologists to find daunting, and hints on the most useful things to do when assessing a patient with neurological signs. The second edition will include general updates throughout and completely new chapters on involuntary movements and apraxia. It will be accompanied by a companion CD of video clips illustrating much of what is dealt with in the text, and allowing improved coverage of complex topics such as speech, eye movements and gait.

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