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ПрофессииPharmacology Case Study Workbook

Pharmacology Case Study Workbook
Название:Pharmacology Case Study Workbook
Автор:Kathy Latch Putnam
Издательство:Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Дата издания:2010-04-02
Размер: 19.1 mb

Written by a distinguished nursing professional with over 25 years of experience, Pharmacology Case Studies provides nursing students with an opportunity to apply pharmacology concepts to real-world situations. The text features 50 case studies based on real-life clinical situations that challenge students to think critically and develop effective problem-solving skills. Case studies present patients medication history, enabling students to learn about the disease process from the point of medication use an approach used in actual clinical practice. Other features include a review of key terms, home and intensive care scenarios, and a list of variables that must be considered in order to conduct an appropriate case analysis. Also present are a series of questions that will help guide students in developing effective ways to handle the scenario. Perfect for individual or group use, Pharmacology Case Studies is a valuable tool to help prepare nursing students for clinical practice!

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