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ПрофессииMicroscopy Techniques for Materials Science

Microscopy Techniques for Materials Science
Название:Microscopy Techniques for Materials Science
Автор:A. Clarke, C. Eberhardt
Издательство:Woodhead Publishing Ltd
Дата издания:2002-10-31
Размер: 10,5 mb

Materials science has witnessed incredible change and technological development over the past few decades in the applications of optical microscopy. So fast has been the pace of this change that there is a real need for a new book that covers the potential of the latest optical microscopes for materials science research. The main objective for computer-assisted microscopy is to make the most effective measurements of the 3D structure of materials and to make the measurement as quickly and efficiently as possible so as to interpret the resulting images without undue bias. This comprehensive new reference work provides an overview of and practical guide to the various computer-aided microscopical techniques used in materials science today. After intr...

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